Prenatal Classes For The Modern Mother

Leslieville Toronto

In Home Prenatal Fitness Training

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Exercise can help tremendously during pregnancy. It can help ease some of the pregnancy discomforts such as swelling, back ache, fatigue, tension and more. Exercise can also help prepare you physically and emotionally for labour and can help with your recovery afterwards. It also helps promote appropriate weight gain and may help prevent gestational glucose intolerance and pregnancy induced hypertension. These are just some of the many benefits of prenatal exercise.

You may begin a fitness program with us anytime after your first trimester. 

Your first session with Growing Baby is a consultation and assesment at no cost to discuss your fitness needs and goals. Your consultation is 1.5 hours and sessions after your consultation will be 1 hour in length. We will work on cardiovascular training, strength training, muscular conditioning, stretch and relaxation.

Every particpant must sign and have their caregiver sign a par-med x for pregnancy form before beginning.

Par-med X for pregnancy Form

Workout with another person and share the cost!


* All sessions are 1 hour in length. Your first session is 1.5 hours to discuss your goals *

1 Session: $ 65.00

5 Sessions: $ 300.00

10 Sessions: $ 550.00

Instructor Certification

Your instructor is a certified fitness instructor specialist, pre/postnatal fitness instructor specialist, fitness for fertility instructor and a certified childbirth and lactation educator, birth and postpartum doula.

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