Prenatal Classes For The Modern Mother

Leslieville Toronto

In-Home Postnatal Fitness Training

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Once you have been given clearance by your caregiver, you are ready to start an exercise program.

Your first session is a consultation and assesment at no cost to disucss your fitness needs and goals. All sessions after your consultation are 1 hour in length.

Every participant must sign a Par-Q form before beginning.

Par-Q form

Workouts are tailored to meet your specific needs keeping in mind you are a new mother and have specific needs as you’re adjusting in the postpartum period. We will work at your fitness level and at your pace and build up. Workouts include cardiovascular training, strength training, muscle conditioning, flexibility & stretch and relaxation. We can even show you how to include your baby into your fitness program!

Workout with another person and share the cost!


* All sessions are 1 hour in length. Your first session is 1.5 hours to discuss your goals *

1 Session: $ 65.00

5 Sessions: $ 300.00

10 Sessions: $ 550.00

Instructor Certification

Your instructor is a certified fitness instructor specialist, pre/postnatal fitness instructor specialist, fitness for fertility instructor and a certified childbirth and lactation educator, birth and postpartum doula.

To Register For a Growing Baby Prenatal Class