Prenatal Classes For The Modern Mother

Leslieville Toronto


Janice provided me with unconditional support during my first pregnancy. I was unsure about the different symptoms I was having and didn’t know what to expect despite all the advice from friends and family! I attended her pre natal classes and had private sessions with Janice where she demonstrated her knowledge and patience for a comfortable pregnancy/ birthing experience.

Without Janice’s patience and expertise my pregnancy and birth would not have been the same. She is patient, friendly, knowledgeable and most of all experienced! I don’t know what I would have done without her!

Catharine Bouchard-Uden: Team Manager at TD

I really enjoyed the classes through Growing Baby. I liked that the class covered alternative options as well as medical information. My husband and are were planning on a home birth, but we also wanted to know about medical options as well as possible interventions so we would feel more prepared if the unexpected came up. We also loved that Janice made all of the partners feel really comfortable about how to support us during labour and at home. I had some questions a few weeks after giving birth and every time I called she was there to offer support and answer all the questions I had. A great experience!

Laura McHugh: Special Education Teacher

I was nervous going into a prenatal class, but the experience I had in Growing Baby’s class was very positive. It was a really fun class with a lot of really good information and at the end of the day my anxieties had lessened and I felt more prepared as did my husband.

Sandra Bernard: Swimming Instructor

Would highly recommend this class! My partner and I felt way more prepared at the end of the class and we were less nervous about what was to come. My partner  learned a lot about how to support me during labour and I liked practicing the comfort techniques.

Yana Cernovik: Social Worker

Growing Baby’s class was just what my husband and are were looking for. It covered everything! Janice is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher and she taught in a way that made people feel more at ease and she made everything easy to understand. I liked that the class covered what to expect at a home birth as well as a hospital birth. Everything was taught in a way that was very supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental.

Katrina Henry: Kinesiologist

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